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চা ট্রে সেট,

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চার পিস আয়তক্ষেত্রাকার melamine চা ট্রে, একটি আড়ম্বরপূর্ণ আকৃতি এবং সব নকশা। এটি সব জায়গায় ব্যবহার করতে পারে, যেমন গৃহমধ্যস্থ গৃহ ও আউটডোর ক্যাম্পিং ব্যবহার জন্য ।

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  • BETTER THAN BAMBOO – Don’t settle for what amounts to tree bark in low quality bamboo products when you can enjoy real wood, extremely sturdy, authentic 100% pine wood serving trays that offer an elegant handmade look to liven up BBQs, dinners, parties, weddings and all your events & get-togethers!
  • ✔️YOU GET THREE SIZES FOR ANY OCCASION – Unlike the other singular serving tray choices on Amazon, ours trays come in three convenient sizes for diverse service and display uses. Wake up with two mugs of steaming coffee served on the small serving tray. Use the medium serving tray as a fruit, cheese & appetizer platter. Large serving tray easily fits a large dish and cutlery.
  • ✔️100% CUSTOM DESIGN, CANT FIND THIS PRODUCT ANYWHERE ELSE! – Our decorative rectangular wood serving trays are custom designed with a 100% original and unique look you won’t find anywhere else on Amazon. We end our artisan process with a smooth surface finish that repels moisture and makes for easy hand washing. Replace your breakable porcelain plates with sturdy wooden tray alternatives.
  • ✔️CONVENIENT USE ANYWHERE – Comfortably enjoy breakfast or a food snack in bed, on the couch or while lounging outdoors with these mini wood rectangle laptop tables that stay flat and hold your food safe from spilling. Serve up a classy dessert for guests with candles and glasses of wine. Buy two or more serving tray sets to multiply your serving choices!
  • ✔️MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We just know you’ll love the everyday uses and special occasion elegance you get from your wooden serving trays. If you encounter any issues, we’ll take care of you with a full 100% refund.


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